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After you 35 minutes scenic flight, you will get to the small airport in Mayaguez.  After getting your rental car:

1. Make a right on the only road in front of the airport.

2. Drive for about 1 mile, when you will get to a stop sign.  Make a right turn.

3. Drive for about 500 meters (or less) and make a right to the traffic light.  After this point you will be connecting with Num. 2 road, which is the main road.

4. At the traffic light, make a left, and take State Road # 2 Sur.

5. Stay on the main road of SUR 2.  You will drive past 'Home Depot' & 'K-mart' which are to your right.  Along the way you will see the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus and the exits to downtown Mayaguez, stay on the left lanes to avoid confusion near the downtown exits.  You will also drive past the Mayaguez Regional Medical Center and Mayaguez Mall.  After the hospital, you can stay on the right lane.

6.  The Mayaguez Mall is on your left.  It does not have a sign indicating that is a Mall.  You will see Sears, Ponderosa, Burger King and to the right, you will see Popeye's, other fast food restaurants and Walgreen's.  After Mayaguez Mall, stay on the right lane and take State Rd 100 to Cabo Rojo.

7.  Drive 9 miles (aprox. 12 minutes) on Rd 100 sur, until the end of the road where you will find a "T"

8.  Turn LEFT towards Combate / 101 este

9.  Follow the signs to Combate.  At this point the road is still 100 sur, but soon will change names to 301

10.  The point where 100 changes to 301 is a fork on the road.  Stay towards the right, following the signs to Combate.

11.  Drive aproximately 5 miles, of rural Cabo Rojo.  Enjoy the countryside and stay on 301.

12.  You will get to a sharp left turn on 301.  At this point you will see a school with a basketball court in front of you, a gas station to the right and a large apartment complex to the left.  At the school, make the sharp LEFT.

13.  Drive 0.3 miles

14.  Turn RIGHT to 3301

15.  Drive approximately 1 mileCamino del Mar will be to your right on 'Tamarindo' street.  You will probably see the 'Camino del Mar' entry before you notice the street name.

...want to go to the beach?  keep driving on 3301 for 0.2 miles and you are there!!