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There are two main ways to get to Camino del Mar from the San Juan Airport.  One is heading west along the northern coast towards Arecibo / Aguadilla.  The other is to head south to Ponce, and then west to Cabo Rojo.

We will explain the northern Arecibo route.

1.  As you exit the airport, stay in the RIGHT lane and take "Rt. 26 Oeste San Juan (west)" to San Juan and Isla Verde.  DO NOT go straight to 'Puente Teodoro Moscoso'.

2.  You want to get to "Ave. Baldorioty de Castro"
3.  Merge to the LEFT at the fork to " 26 San Juan" and stay in "26 Oeste". 
4.  Continue to follow "26 Oeste".  Follow the signs "San Juan - Bayamon - Rio Piedras 26".

5.  Drive about 3 miles.  Watch for sign "22 Hato Rey - Bayamon - Caguas  Salida 1 1/2 millas".  This is the sign indicating that your exit is coming up in 1.5 miles.  Stay on the right lanes.

6. Take the exit on right towards "Bayamon/Caguas/Rio Piedras 22 via Tunel Minillas"

7. Go thru the Minillas Tunnel.

8. Drive about 5 miles, stay on the main freeway of "22 Oeste".  You will see signs "18 Caguas  22 Oeste Bayamon / Guaynabo"

9.  Stay on the right lanes and take the exit to Bayamon.  The exit reads 22 Oeste / Bayamon, Guaynabo, Mayaguez

10.  Now you will drive about  53 miles on the Expressway, or Rt. 22 oeste (Portions with tolls).

11.  The expressway (22 oeste) ends in Hatillo.  Stay on the left lanes to Carr. 2 Oeste / Hatillo /  Mayaguez.  You will drive past the Home Depot (right) and Sam's Club (left) in the town of Hatillo.

12.  Drive approximately 50 miles.  Stay on Carr 2.  You will be driving along the northern and then west coast of Puerto Rico.  First will be named Carr 2 OESTE (west), then it will change to Carr 2 SUR (south).

13.  When you get to the town of Mayaguez, you are getting closer.  Along your drive you will see the Mayaguez Home Depot to your right.  You will also see the Mayaguez Regional Medical Center (to your right) and then the Mayaguez Mall (to your left).

14.  After the Mayaguez Mall, stay on the right lanes.  Turn RIGHT to Carr 100 to Cabo Rojo.

15.  Stay staight on Carr 100.  Drive about 9 miles.

16.  At the end of Rt. 100 you will find a "T".  Turn LEFT to Combate.

17.  Stay on Carr 100 Sur, that becomes 101 ESTE.  Follow the signs to Combate.

18.  Carr 100 then changes name to 301.  Stay to the right on 301, following the signs to Combate.

19.  Drive about 5 miles.  You will be in rural Cabo Rojo, enjoy the beautiful country side!

20.  301 comes to a sharp left turn.  Here you will see a school with a basketball court in front of you, a large apartment complex to your left and a gas station to your right.  Follow 301 and turn LEFT.

21.  Drive 0.3 miles and turn RIGHT to 3301.

22.  Drive about 1 mile.  Camino del Mar will be in your right.

...want to go to Combate Beach?? Continue driving about 0.2 miles and you will find it!!